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Manic Panic Classic Cream Formula

I sell these for $10. Manic Panic charges 12. You do the math. Don’t believe me check MP out here.

So i charge 10 dollars Plus 5 dollars shipping and handling which i use priority mail flat rate envelope, that ‘s 5 bucks. Which normally you can get it in two days. Plus you get a tracking number so you can watch it’s progress.

To order simply select color in drop down menu at the bottom of the page, then click add to cart!


And here’s my color chart, i have used almost all of these and can answer questions…

Deadly Nightshade Flaming
Red Passion Infra Red
Pillarbox Red Electric Lava
New Rose Pretty Flamingo
Hot Hot Pink Rock in Roll Red
Cottom Candy Pink Vampire Red
Divine Wine Wildfire
Fuschia Shock Ultra Violet
Purple Haze Mystic Heather
Virgin Snow Plum Passion
Lie Locks AfterMidnight Blue
Shocking Blue Bad Boy Blue
Atomic Turquoise Black and Blue
Green Envy Electric Lizard
Enchanted Forest Tiger Lily
Electric Sunshine Electric Banana
Manic Panic Clasic Cream Formulas
Product Options
1Deadly Nightshade$10.0099
3Red Passion$10.0099
4Infra Red$10.0099
5Pillarbox Red$10.0099
6Electric Lava$10.0099
7New Rose$10.0099
8Pretty Flamingo$10.0098
9Hot Hot Pink$10.0098
10Rock in Roll Red$10.0099
11Cottom Candy Pink$10.0099
12Vampire Red$10.0099
13Divine Wine$10.0099
15Fuschia Shock$10.0099
16Ultra Violet$10.0098
17Purple Haze$10.0099
18Mystic Heather$10.0099
19Virgin Snow$10.0099
20Plum Passion$10.0099
21Lie Locks$10.0099
22After Midnight$10.0099
23Shocking Blue$10.0099
24Bad Boy Blue$10.0099
25Atomic Turquoise$10.0099
26Black and Blue$10.0099
27Green Envy$10.0099
28Electric lizard$10.0099
29Enchanted Forest$10.0099
30Tiger Lily$10.0093
31Electric Sunshine$10.0099
32Electric Banana$10.0099
Shipping Rate: A
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