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You Love soap I love soap! Welcome our newest line of hand poured with love soap…

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  • Flavor Chart

    Lemon Drop Sour Patch Kids Honey Almond Coconut ~ What would the tropics be without Coconut? A true toasted coconut scent. Perfect by itself or in a blend. This scent is so versatile, your imagination is the limit. Sweet Pea ~ The Mediterranean Sweet Pea has Pineapple and Plumeria top notes to add a subtle […]

  • Panty Perfume

    Now some of you are wondering about the title. Well that’s what these cute little soaps do. Stash a few in your panty drawer and you’ll have fresh undies all year long. Also can be placed in sock drawers, linen closets, any nook and cranny that¬† might need freshening up. Currently we have 30 different […]


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