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Handcrafted Patriotic Star Pregnant Belly Ring

Flexible Pregnancy Belly Button Ring. Body Jewelry made with a pregnant women in mind. Keep your piercing intact with this flexible pregnancy PTFE belly ring. The adjustable length pregnancy barbell will allow you adjust the piercing to your size.

Specifications: Flexible Self Threading 14 Gauge (1.6mm) PTFE Shaft, 2″ Length, Nickel and Lead Free, . 925 Sterling Silver, 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel Balls

DIRECTIONS: Cut the 2″ shaft to your desired specifications. This acrylic flexible shaft is SELF-THREADING. The barbell will be threaded when the ball endings are screwed onto the straight barbell for the first time.

Benefits of PTFE:

1) Can be Sterilized with Autoclave – (PTFE shaft only)

2) Totally Flexible – It will bend with your body tissues unlike all metal Jewelry.

3) Hypo-allergenic – Being one of the least allergic materials, P.T.F.E. is used in the medical industry to make Heart Valves and other surgical implants. Should there be a problem of allergic reaction or rejection to conventional metal jewelry, it is likely that PTFE Body Jewelry is now a practical choice for that person under any circumstances.

4) Fully Adjustable- A razorblade is all that is needed to adjust the bar to the exact size of your piercing!

5) Self Threading – PTFE bars will fit all threaded accessories that you may already own! Simply screw-on your accessory (balls, spikes, etc…) on to a PTFE bar. It will create a thread on the bar and will hold strongly.

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Handcrafted Patriotic Star Pregnant Belly Ring
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