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  • Mother’s Day Baskets

    Surrender to a luxurious spa bath experience with this bath set.  Makes a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift that Mom will appreciate! -Included in our Mega Basket: Bath Gel Lotion Sugar Scrub Bath Bombs Candle Personalized Scrabble Tile Pendent* Sponge and Massage tool Beautiful Basket   – Included in our Mini Basket: Bath Gel Lotion Sugar […]

  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Think Pink Extensions

    Left to right. Hot Hot Pink…Baby Pink…Magenta Pink Each extension is 2″ by 16″.. If your looking for additional sizes, please contact me with your custom lengths, and I’ll send you a quote. They ALL come with clips attached unless you request them not to be. (Some people like to use the hair glue and […]

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  • Body Jewelry

    Looking for those custom pieces check here!

  • Body Products

    You Love soap I love soap! Welcome our newest line of hand poured with love soap…  

  • Bottle Cap Beauties

    Specializing in completely customized bottle caps…  

  • Crocheted Wonders

    Specializing in the affordable and adorable crocheted items just for you…  

  • Domino Delicacy

    Specializing in completely customized dominoes…  

  • Hair Dyes

    Looking for that hard to find crazy color. We have them, and at better prices than most stores. We also ship internationally!

  • Hair Extensions

    From full sets, coontails and everything in between!

  • Holiday Gifts

    Check here for our seasonal items!

  • Resin Jewelry

    Our ever growing collection of resin jewelry!

  • Scrabble Time

    Specializing in completely customized scrabble tiles…  


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