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How We Started Making Hair Extensions–

Let’s see my fascination with colored hair has been a long and bumpy road. I remember in middle school taking red food dye and brushing it threw my dark hair. It looked way cool. I it would glow red and almost looked maroon. Little did I know every time I put my fingers threw my hair my hands would become red and redder. Then whenever my hair got wet my clothes turned pink. So eventually I figured I needed a more permanent solution. So in 9th grade my best friend Mahina and I decided to make me a blond, lol wow that was something else. We used regular store product bleach kit and we just slapped it on. So of course my roots were blondish the next layer was orange till it worked its way to the end toward light brown. I remember her roller blading to the grocery store at 7 am to buy brown dye so we could cover up the weird colors. I thought all and all it turned out cool like leopard print. LOL Then later my mother allowed my to go to the salon and get bright fire engine red bangs. Eventually I started to just bleach my bangs out to a platinum blond.

I went through many phases all blond, huge chunks, light highlights, purple, blue, green, tons of red. But now I stick with my blond highlights. So I realized besides the incredible damage I do whenever bleaching my hair. Then adding color. I had to keep it the same color for a few weeks. You could never just bleach it out and change it easily without massive hair loss or weird color mishaps. Ask me about the ketchup colored hair. LOL

So an easy way to add wonderful vibrant color –fake hair. So I started buying extensions spending a small fortune. Then I realized I could make them myself at a fraction of the “big” chain stores. I could also make them any color I wanted and was able to change their style to make them like my own hair. I’ve tested different products, dyes, styles and have come to the conclusion these are the best of the best.

Me with all my extensions

But why stop there.

Me & my girls have a love affair with customization…Don’t have the perfect necklace to match that outfit why not make them.. And this is how we came up with scrabble tile pendants, domino pendants, resin jewelry, and now introducing our mineral make up!

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