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Bleaching Your Hair at Home

So if you need them here’s my basic rules for bleaching..
-QuickBlue (bucket or packet, of course I buy a bucket I usually need more or end up doing a friends hair)(found at Sally’s) The buckets white with blue letters, its an on & on thescalp bleach, so it’s safe on your scalp -it wont burn holes in your head- its way safer then everything else I’ve ever used- and the results are awesome!
A cream developer (from Sally’s)
Developer is whats going to lift your color.
There are different levels of developer:
10 Volume: very weak, it doesn’t lift, it’s purpose is simply allow color to penetrate.
20 Volume: still fairly weak, it will lift 1-2 levels.
30-40 Volume: this strength of developer brings up hair by at least 2-3 levels. They’re pretty harsh, but this is what you need if you want to go much lighter.
I use Pure White 40-Volume Creme Developer By: Clairol Professional
Mixing bowls plastic only in a pinch I use old Tupperware.

– Usually about 2.99

Highlighter brushes- I get the skinny and fatter one, for different highlights widths.

There only like 60 cents to 1$ each

Foil- doesn’t matter from where Sallys or a grocery store. But it makes the world of difference. It helps keep the heat in your hair and makes your hair color come out more even. All you have to do is measure some hair with the foil, then fold the foil piece in half towards your scalp, then tri fold the foil towards your scalp, again. This will also come in handy of you decide to do like i do and bleach highlights and add color at the same time, this cuts down on the bleeding.
Shower Cap:

Just to help keep the heat in when your finished applying the product.

Finishing Touches:

Toner Shampoos such as Shimmer Lights Original Conditioning Shampoo ($7.59)

Its a dark purple shampoo, its to reduce the brassy color in your hair and neutralizes it at the same time. After you rinse your hair out after bleaching, leave the shampoo on you head for like 5 minutes, then rinse it out. You can use the conditioner too if you want(the shampoo works by itself regardless), its about the same price, and just leave it in about the same amount of time.

Theres also toner powders such as Kaleidocolors Tonal Powder Lightener ($3.99)

They need to be mixed with developer cream. (I.e. which means this would be a process beat saved off for a few days later. No reason to double process with a high volume of developer unless you want your hair to fall out.) There’s three different packets violet, blue and neutral. Read which color of hair is best before applying.

I personally buy a non bleaching blond dye from wally world, using a gardneir fruitres color. I go for anything that says ash blond that seems to be the key for toning my hair out. I obviously wait a few weeks after bleaching. I never recommend multiple bleaching or dying in one day.

Alright- now back to the mixing of the ingredients- my old hairdresser told me her secret about 4 years ago on how to keep some moisture in your hair while processing it, and after processing.

When you mix the developer and bleach together, after mixing, add any kind of conditioner to the mixture before putting in your hair, like squeeze the bottle for 2 seconds, or technically 1 to 1 1/2 ozs, then mix it, it doesn’t change anything in the bleach mix, and it doesn’t dry it out as much as just the chemicals.

Then after if you have it, use a deep conditioner(any kind) and leave it in your hair for 30 minutes- with a shower cap on, then wash out and do whatever. but it definitely helps.

So food for thought.


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