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About Our Extensions

All extensions are brand new due to health issues this extensions have never been clipped into anyone else’s hair. Any picture with an extension in my hair is of the examples i have laying about.

Clips on in seconds (no glue or wax that can harm your hair)
Re-Use over and over again
With Human Hair you can curl it, crimp it and then straighten it back out.

Blends in with hair very well! You can cut these to make the length closer to your own.

To begin with i only use 100% Human Hair!

This hair is cut from one persons head & sewn in the same direction hair naturally grows. Unlike other commercial hair The Cuticle is just like nature intended it to be. Texture is silky soft with subtle waves. Cuticle hair is created by careful processing which leaves the cuticle layer of the hair in place. The result is a superior hair item that colors beautifully.

I then measure out width and length ordered.

I then apply a ton of my special dye mixture, and saturate for best color possible.

Then i let it sit for a full day, adding gradual heat.

I rinse and let air dry.

I then apply a straigtening serum and straigten the extension.

Then i hand sew the hair clip. I use high quality metal clip with silicone back to avoid scalp irritation.

So as you can see i don’t have a stockpile of extensions laying around. Each extension is designed at the time of your order. So this means after order and payment conformation it takes me up to a week sometimes to fill an order. Especially extensions with more than one color.

If you have any question please use the contact me form.



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