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Bleaching Nightmares

Here’s my story, please come and share yours here!

So I myself was fooled into going to the beautician to make my wild color changes come true until the summer of 2006. It was the first time I deiced I wanted a large portion of the top of my head platinum blonde, instead of chunky highlights. So I saved up a few hundred bucks, because I feared the worse. I had a confident; mildly experienced hair dresser who thought my idea was fabulous and gave me a quote around 70 bucks which was even better than I had hoped for.

We started the process normal way, sectioning mixing of the bleach; it looked just like Quick blue. Then a quarter of the way threw my hair, she runs out of bleach so she gets another mixing bowl full, finishes another quarter and is out. At this time she scurries off to see her manager. Her manger comes over saying every time she has to fill up another mixing bowl it’s another $20 on top of the quote she gave me. At this point ladies I should have got up and left. But what was I really going to do with half a crown full of hair bleached hair. So I mumbled whatever just finish it, and two more bowls later it was done. She placed me under the blow dryer. There was mild discomfort but nothing too bad. After the allotted time she checked me didn’t like the results and set me under the dryer again. (Which I think where the trouble began). This happened again, now my scalp was burning and I’m no wussy I’ll take the pain of being beautiful. Lol So she finally decides that’s the best we can do. She suggests a toner. I normally use my own toners and was cautious but she said it would finish taking the rest of the yellow tones out so I agreed. Then she applied the toner and vanished! Poof, right into thin air. So after sitting there for a few minutes over the suggested 5 to 8. I started trying to grab the attention of anyone. Finally someone noticed me and rinsed out my hair. The look on their face said everything. I walked back to my mirror and almost had a heart attack my hair my purple. Not a faint oh my hair is sooo white violet. We’re talking PURPLE. I almost started to cry. I was working in a department store at the time and frowned upon any body or hair modification against the standard of “normal”.

So I get the manger who suggests oh don’t worry wash your hair with dawn dish soap when you get home and it should take the purple out. I must admit it worked a little bit. But that was the manger suggestion really. So I made a fuss and she ever so nicely cut my now $160 bill in half, back to $75.

So I go home trying to figure out the mess I had gotten myself into. Yes I was teased. No I never went back there. The next trouble came when I noticed weeks later CHUNKS of hair falling out. Mind you I had 20 to 25 inch long hair. The top layer of my crown was in the 3 to 6 inch length. That spaz killed my hair. It has now taken me THREE years to grow out my hair to one length again. I loved explaining to my new hairdressers why my top layer is so much shorter, like a sick twisted mullet design.

But I learned and now I do it myself, and I have been a blonde for two years, with minimal hair loss. Go me!

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