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Manic Panic Hair Dye Instructions

Please note:
Skin Patch Testing is highly recommended before using this product and, as with all hair dyes, if a reaction occurs rinse off immediately and discontinue use.
Stand Testing is also advised as this will give indication of color result and brand suitability.
These instructions are for Manic Panic Hair Dyes only.
Always follow the manufacturers instructions fully for any product you buy.
Tub Contains 4 fl oz / 118 ml

Shampoo hair thoroughly using a pH acid balanced shampoo
Rinse completely to remove all residue. Towel dry leaving hair damp
Use petroleum jelly or baby oil around hair line and on ears to prevent color from staining skin.
Wear protective plastic or rubber gloves for application.
Empty desired amount into a plastic bowl (approx 1/2 jar for short hair, full jar for long hair)

With the aid of a tint brush apply color beginning 1/2 inch from the scalp and working it evenly through to the ends of the hair. Begin at the nape of the neck and work upwards through the head of hair. Be sure to completely saturate the hair shaft.

Continuously comb color through hair until it becomes frothy. This indicates that it has been thoroughly absorbed. Lighter shades may require more combing to obtain maximum penetration and a longer lasting effect.

Leave color on hair for 16 minutes or longer. Manic Panic will process fully in 16 minutes at normal room temperature. The use of an infra red heat lamp will reduce the processing time to between 5 and 7 minutes and can produce a deeper coloration with longer lasting properties. For resistant hair it is advisable to place a plastic cap on the hair and leave on for 30 minutes or longer.

Rinse hair thoroughly, away from face. Due to the restructuring properties of the product no after-treatments are necessary

Manic Panic Hair Dye Classic/Cream Ingredients:
Aqua, Cera Alba, Cetearyl Alcohol and Ceteareth-20, Humulus Lupulus, Achillea Millefolium, Anthemis Nobilis, Acetic Acid, Methylparaben. May contain the following: CI 42090 (blue 1), CI 61670 (Green 5), CI 16510 (Orange 4), CI 17200 (Red 33), CI 47005 (Yellow 10).
Please Note: Although the packaging says Cera Alba/Beeswax – we have received confirmation from Manic Panic Distributors that this is Synthetic Cera Alba/Beeswax making this product Vegan friendly.
Manic Panic Amplified Hair Dye Ingredients:
Aqua, Synthetic Beeswax (Synthetic Cera Alba), Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth 20, Humulus Lupulus Extract, Anthemis Nobilis Extract, Acetic Acid, Methylparaben, Propylene Glycol. May contain the following: CI 42090 (Blue 1), CI 61670 (Green 5), CI 16510 (Orange 4), CI 17200 (Red 33), CI 47005 (Yellow 10). Vegan Friendly
Manic Panic Gel Dye Ingredients:
De-ionized Water, Seaweed Extract, Mistletoe Extract, Hops Extract, Yarrow Extract, Chamomile Extract, Acetic Acid, Methylparaben, ethylcellulose. May contain the following: CI Acid Blue 9, CI Acid Green 25, CI Acid Orange 7, CI Acid Red 35, CI Yellow 3.
The ingredients shown are based on the manufacturers packaging at the time of adding this information to our website, it is advised to always check the label/tub prior to use encase of any changes or updates of the ingredients.

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