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Singles and Doubles are organized by length (9,16,18,24 inches) they are all 1.5 inches wide. When purchasing double extensions you save a dollar each pair.
The Singles, Doubles, and Full Set prices are for 1 single color and come with clips attached. If you want one of the specialty designs you need to add the $2 to $5 to your total.

*Group Rates-
Group rate are for people looking to raise money for their school, or those looking for bulk prices. So for one color 16″ singles if you buy 5 singles they’ll be $4 a single. If your looking for a different length, width, quantity or to add specialty colors let me know and i can get you a quote.

**Specialty colors are:
Coontails which are alternating strips of colors, resembling a raccoons tail.
Stars are light colored extensions with darker colored star prints on them.
Leopard are light colored extensions with darker leopard prints on them.
Blends are extensions with two colors that blend into each other.
Rainbow are extensions that are rainbow stripped, either vertically or horizontally. My rainbow consists of Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, and Orange. If you would like a different color pattern let me know. You can look in my album to see examples.

Shipping and Handling is 5.00 which is priority 2 day shipping. Shipping and handling apply to the first pair and then it.s .50 each additional pair.

All my extensions comes with clips attached.

I accept paypal, money order, and very well concealed cash..

If you don’t see what your looking for just ask this is just my standard policy..


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