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Easy & Fun Shirt Customization

I saw a Pinterest shirt (of course) off of Razor Doll Designs Board, Stylin’ T-shirt Cuts.




Tried googling a few videos and came up with  butterfly one which served my purpose of half ass knowing what to do..

This one.

YouTube Preview Image

1. So i started with a random red baby doll t-shirt i picked up from goodwill for 3 bucks.



2. I googled again for angel wings vectored and found this one.


3. I measured my shirt and figured i wanted the wings 9 inches across.

4. I put my vector image in my handy dandy Paint Shop Pro program scaled the image to 9 inches across.

5. Printed my angel wings.

6. I then using  excto knife cut the negative wing areas out.

7. I then eyeballed the wing pattern on my shirt and taped it down.

8. Now i started by drawing in the negative space of the wings and quickly started to lose interest, so instead i found  piece of my kids chalk lying round and gently rubbed the pattern, when satisfied i had covered the entire pattern i removed my piece of paper.

9. Then i grabbed an empty cereal box and put it inside my shirt for some stability and so i wouldn’t cut threw to the front.

10. I started cutting away. Now in the butterfly video she cut out actual pieces of t-shirt, i only cut actual pieces of shirt out on the top three wing sections all the other wing parts i just cut slits.

11. When i was done cutting and figured that i was an even as i was going to get i started gently pulling the sections.

12. I noticed at this time because i had cut long areas in the wings it separated two much on the shirt. So i grabbed a scrap piece of t-shirt (from one of the top three wing sections) Twisted it and stretched and looped it through the wing areas tying it in a knot.



13. Next to try it on and try to get a picture of my back… That was the biggest challenge.

14. Once this puppy goes threw the wash the edge will be a lot softer.

Finished Shirt!




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