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Hair Extensions

6 Reasons Clip Extenisions are Best

1. Less Damage than Individual Strand Extensions-

One expert told me that “in 17 years of doing hair extensions we have yet to see a client who has previously had the individual method applied without damage to their own hair. Without spelling it out I will leave it to your imagination what might happen to your own hair if you melt some plastic onto it or glue or clamp something to it”.

2. Less damage then glued wefts-

It is a well known fact that hair extensions can do damage to your natural hair. The glue that is attached to your natural hair can burn and split the ends of your hair. This means that you will almost always be required to have the ends of your hair cut after the extensions are removed.

3. My time is valuable-

Clip in extensions can be attached in 3 minutes, even with full sets. Weaving extensions can take a minium of 2 hours.  Individual Strand Extensions can take up to four hours!

4. My money is valuable-

With Individual Strand Extensions, and Weaving Wefts you are usually charged for the hair and of course the professional’s time. Your looking to pay between $300 to $1200. Depending on the technician and quality of the hair. While my clip-in extensions MAX out at $40 for a full set.

5. Less Damage-

Want funky blonde bangs for that office party. Don’t want to bleach your jet-black hair till it feels like straw. Easily attach a fringe bang piece and your ready to go. Want to add beautiful bright teal highlights to your hair but your job will frown upon it. Use a full set of clip in extensions in teal, and your ready to rock out after work. Clip extensions are an easy way to add non permanent color. Use for proms, weddings, parties, not commitment just the fun.

6. Shelf Life-

The shelf life of clip-in extensions depends on the care you give them. But an easy once a month washing will keep them looking wonderful.  With regular extensions you not only have to remove them after 6 months, they hair depending on quality will quickly disintegrate.

Human Hair & Synthetic Hair

Human Hair Synthetic
How long do they last? Approximately 1 year (with proper care) Approximately 1-3 months
Can I use heating tools, like curling iron or hot rollers? Yes. 100% Human Hair Extensions are heat-friendly and can be styled using heating tools, just like your own hair! Although, there are some heat-friendly Synthetic options available. Most Synthetic Extensions will melt when exposed to heat.
Are they easy to maintain? 100% Human Hair Extensions require a bit more maintenance than Synthetic Extensions. Like your own hair, your style is likely to fall in the rain or humidity. Synthetic Extensions have “memory”, meaning the style is pre-set and will not fall in the rain or humidity as 100% Human Hair does.
I’m getting married. Which option do you recommend? Both options will work for any special occasion. Most brides choose 100% Human Hair Extensions because of their natural look and styling versatility. If you are planning a tropical wedding, or if your wedding date is set during a rainy month, Synthetic Extensions may be a better way to go.
Can they be color treated? Yes. 100% Human Hair Extensions can be color treated. Keep in mind, most 100% Human Hair Extensions have already been chemically treated and coloring may jeopardize the integrity of the hair. No. Synthetic Extensions can not be color treated, as it will cause irreparable damage.
Do they look natural? Yes. 100% Human Hair Extensions look the most natural, blend seamlessly with your own hair, and reflect light the way your own hair would. Yes. Synthetic Extensions blend with your own hair to create a virtually undetectable look and are a great, affordable alternative to 100% Human Hair Extensions.
How much do they cost? Price Range Approximately:$76.00 – $400.00 Price Range Approximately:$50.00 – $85.00

Color Chart

basecolorOriginal Hair which is why the two lengths turn out different when dying, different base colors… left is 18 in & right is 9 in 
ruby-redRuby Red left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
deadly-nightshadeDeadly Nightshade left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
Hot Hot Pink left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
candypinkCandy Pink left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
cottoncandypinkParty Time Pink & Cotton Candy Pink left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
mystic-heatherMystic Heather left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
purple-passionPurple Passion left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
eletricbananaElectric Banana left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
lightning-boltLightning Bolt left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
tripped-up-turquoiseTripped Up Turquoise & Atomic Turquoise left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
shocking-blueShocking Blue left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
badboyblueBad Boy Blue left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
midnight-blueMood Indigo & Midnight Blue left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
iguanagreenIguana Green left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
electriclizarddElectric Lizard left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
infraredInfra Red left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
neonorangeNeon Orange left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.
Picture Pending!Dead of Night left is 18 inches long and right is 9 inches long.

Please Note:
Color guides should be used as a reference only, as screen quality may vary slightly to actual color shades.

Price Menu

Singles and Doubles are organized by length (9,16,18,24 inches) they are all 1.5 inches wide. When purchasing double extensions you save a dollar each pair.
The Singles, Doubles, and Full Set prices are for 1 single color and come with clips attached. If you want one of the specialty designs you need to add the $2 to $5 to your total.

*Group Rates-
Group rate are for people looking to raise money for their school, or those looking for bulk prices. So for one color 16″ singles if you buy 5 singles they’ll be $4 a single. If your looking for a different length, width, quantity or to add specialty colors let me know and i can get you a quote.

**Specialty colors are:
Coontails which are alternating strips of colors, resembling a raccoons tail.
Stars are light colored extensions with darker colored star prints on them.
Leopard are light colored extensions with darker leopard prints on them.
Blends are extensions with two colors that blend into each other.
Rainbow are extensions that are rainbow stripped, either vertically or horizontally. My rainbow consists of Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, and Orange. If you would like a different color pattern let me know. You can look in my album to see examples.

Shipping and Handling is 5.00 which is priority 2 day shipping. Shipping and handling apply to the first pair and then it.s .50 each additional pair.

All my extensions comes with clips attached.

I accept paypal, money order, and very well concealed cash..

If you don’t see what your looking for just ask this is just my standard policy..



Are your hair extensions synthetic or real?
They are 100% Remy Cuticle Correct Hair.

What dye do you use?
Dyes that are beautiful, bright, and long lasting! I tend to use Manic Panic but buy any color that impresses me.

How do you make your extensions?
As if I would tell you! If you’re making them yourself, it’s all done by trial, error and experimentation.

Can I pay with cash?
Yes, if you’re in the US and send it discreetly. Use my contact form to send me your order and to receive my Address.

Do you have an ebay?
I sell on ebay, randomly so you would need to check here to see if i have any active auctions.

When do you send the items?
After I receive payment, and it takes 7-14 days for me to make and send your order.

How long does it take for me to receive my order?
As above, and depending on where you are in the world! I use priority mail for all my extensions which is why shipping and handling is 5 dollars for the first extension, and .50 for each additional extension.

What colors do your full sets come in?
I have two natural colors (Platinum Candy, and Carmel Belle) but all full head set can be in any color.

Will you guess my hair color number?
No, there is a chart basic here but i mainly make my extensions with wild colors unless you request me to use a Color Jamz Semi Permanent Hair Color, or Jazzing Sheer Haircolor.

As always if you have more questions use the contact me form, or email me at mandy@sugar-stars-shop.com. I’ll be adding more questions as i get them.



About Our Extensions

All extensions are brand new due to health issues this extensions have never been clipped into anyone else’s hair. Any picture with an extension in my hair is of the examples i have laying about.

Clips on in seconds (no glue or wax that can harm your hair)
Re-Use over and over again
With Human Hair you can curl it, crimp it and then straighten it back out.

Blends in with hair very well! You can cut these to make the length closer to your own.

To begin with i only use 100% Human Hair!

This hair is cut from one persons head & sewn in the same direction hair naturally grows. Unlike other commercial hair The Cuticle is just like nature intended it to be. Texture is silky soft with subtle waves. Cuticle hair is created by careful processing which leaves the cuticle layer of the hair in place. The result is a superior hair item that colors beautifully.

I then measure out width and length ordered.

I then apply a ton of my special dye mixture, and saturate for best color possible.

Then i let it sit for a full day, adding gradual heat.

I rinse and let air dry.

I then apply a straigtening serum and straigten the extension.

Then i hand sew the hair clip. I use high quality metal clip with silicone back to avoid scalp irritation.

So as you can see i don’t have a stockpile of extensions laying around. Each extension is designed at the time of your order. So this means after order and payment conformation it takes me up to a week sometimes to fill an order. Especially extensions with more than one color.

If you have any question please use the contact me form.




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